On 31 January 2018, NWO-Veni Laureate, meLê yamomo will launch the research project, »Sonic Entanglements: Listening to Modernities in Sound Recordings of Southeast Asia, 1890-1950«. »Sonic Entanglements« endeavors to expand the historiographical archival corpus to include the early sound media and technologies as primary sources for the theoretical reflection of the Southeast Asian cultural history of modernities and the region’s entanglement with modern globalization. The four-year project is embedded at the Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis and the Department of Theatre Studies at the University of Amsterdam.  During the project launch, Dr. yamomo will discuss the content of the research, introduce the Sonic Entanglements website, and present the trailer for the project’s podcast.

Date:    31 January 2018
Time:    17:15-19:00
Venue: Universiteitstheater Amsterdam, Room 101A

17:15 Tea/Coffee
17:30 Message: Prof. dr. Kati Röttger
17:45 Presentation of Project
18:15 Borrel/Cocktails (University Theatre Foyer)

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