meLê yamomo (Theater Studies) is one of the new members of Amsterdam Young Academy (AYA), a network of promising young Amsterdam scientists who take research beyond the boundaries of their own field.

AYA was founded in 2018 by Amsterdam members of De Jonge Akademie and is committed to interdisciplinary research, social dialogue and science policy. In total, AYA welcomed ten new members this year, who were inaugurated under the watchful eye of Jeroen Geurts (Rector Magnificus VU) and Peter-Paul Verbeek (Rector Magnificus UvA).

meLê yamomo is a theater maker and university lecturer in theater science and performance studies. He leads the Veni project Sonic Entanglements and is one of the principal investigators of the project DeCoSEAS (Decolonizing Southeast Asian Sound Archives), which investigates making colonial sound archives accessible. In 2020 he received a KNAW Early Career Award. 

Other AYA members of the Faculty of Humanities are Marjolein Lanzing, Boris Noordenbos, Bram Mellink, Hanneke Stuit, Leonie Schmidt, Maartje Stols-Witlox and Tommy Tse.

You can read the update on the University of Amsterdam website.

You can also know more about the Amsterdam Young Academy on the AYA website.

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