2023 Asia Culture Center (ACC) Residency has embarked on its 7-month journey with 9 participants from around the world. Since its inception in 2015, ACC Residency has been inviting creators and researchers from various fields including art, science, technology and humanities to inspire inventive ideas and trigger interdisciplinary exchange. In this year’s open call for the Residency, 340 applicants from 46 countries applied among which 9 participants with backgrounds ranging from technical research, visual arts, academic research, sound art to media art and interdisciplinary art were selected.

The Residency has been exploring imminent issues of the time. This year, in collaboration with ACC Sound Art Lab, it is held under the theme Futures of Listening. Whereas the notion of listening has been more often defined from the Western perspective, Futures of Listening examines it within the Asian context. The project encourages artists to investigate issues arising in different cities in Asia and translate them through the lens of soundscape. For this, ACC Sound Art Lab has invited 4 soundscape experts to provide workshops and lectures to the Residency participants. The first session “Urban Soundscape (Scoring the City)” was led by Gascia Ouzounian, professor of University of Oxford and Suk-Jun Kim, professor of University of Aberdeen. Artists visited Goryeoin village the town where immigrants who have settled in Gwangju are living and collected sound with which they then created into individual notes. The following session entitled Data Sonification was led by Park Tae Hong, professor of New York University where he introduced various methodologies and perspectives regarding sound data processing. Two more sessions are planned in June which will be conducted by artist Christina Kubisch and meLê yamomo, professor of Amsterdam University.

The programs of Futures of Listening aim at offering inspiration and imparting technical knowledge to the participants based on which they will be creating individual projects. Participants are also enjoying the benefit of ACC’s facilities for woodwork, metalwork and other  areas as well as the professional assistance from in-house technicians. The outcome of this Residency will be unveiled through the showcase exhibition which is planned to open on November 11th, 2023, as well as workshops and collateral programs and performances at ACT Festival.

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