Last Friday, the 2023 Special Lecture by Asia Culture Council-Korea Sound Lab <Futures of Listening: City> presented the public lecture on “Workshop on the City and Soundscape” led by Asia Culture Center Sound Lab and Residency, featuring today’s most innovative contemporary composers and sound artists, Kim Suk-Jun, meLê yamomo, and Christina Kubisch.

This program asks what kind of changes will be made in the way we listen in the future, looking at “how we have listened in the past and how we listen in the present.” This pushes us to imagine the future with a new concept of how we listen. Different sound environments show the difference in auditory perception of urban residents, while deeply affecting people’s personalities, artistic expression, and cultural features. This program intends to listen into the crossing point between the “city” and “sound” in finding a new perspective of the sounds around us that we experience in our daily lives.

More info on the ACC website.

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