Congratulations to the editors, Christian Grüny and Brandon Farnsworth, for launching the new collected volume, “New Music and Institutional Critique

From the blurb: “This open access volume assembles for the first time an array of theoretical approaches and practical examples dealing with New Music’s institutions, their critique, and their transformations. While institutional critique has long been an important part of artistic practice and theoretical debate in the visual arts, it has long escaped attention in the field of music. For scholars, leaders, and practitioners alike, it offers an important overview of current developments as well as theoretical reflections about New Music and its institutions today. In this way, it provides a major contribution to the debate about the present and future of contemporary music.”

In the chapter “Framing Europe,” Theresa Beyer interviewed meLê yamomo about his efforts to decolonize modes of listening. They spoke about yamomo’s reflection on how, within contemporary music, the goal is not to replace one system with another but rather to focus on understanding the methods through which hierarchies and power positions are perpetuated in order to compose new aesthetics.

The open-access book is free to download.